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Truck drivers and companies can't get away with their negligence

Imagine you're driving down the highway after your typical workday. There's traffic, like always, and you crawl your way home through the sea of motor vehicles. Finally, you hit a patch of the highway where the traffic frees up, and you're moving down the highway like you normally do. But soon after this, a truck approaches you after entering the highway from an on-ramp. The truck doesn't see you, and the driver careens his vehicle right into yours.

The resulting truck accident changes your life forever. You've suffered severe injuries that will take months to heal, and even once they are healed, you may never be the same. This truck driver -- and possibly vicariously, the truck company -- has figuratively taken your life from you.

How can you treat a dog bite?

Dogs may be man's best friend, but sometimes they act like the animals that they are. That isn't meant as a put-down, it is simply a fact that dogs are descendants of wild animals, and they have defensive instincts that kick in sometimes. This can lead to people being bitten, and these bites can result in some moderate to severe injuries. So how can you treat a bite at home? And what should you do in the days ahead to deal with the situation?

Here are some basics steps if you are bitten by a dog. First, clean the affected area. Use some soap and water, and clean it carefully. Bandage that affected area and use antibiotic ointment in the coming hours and days to keep it free of infection. Also, keep the affected area elevated as often as possible. If the bite just isn't healing, or if symptoms get worse, seek professional medical care.

We all must think about our driving (and cellphone) behaviors

Last week, we wrote a post about the nature of self-driving cars, and how a world where self-driving cars are widely available is probably a long ways off. Even in such a world where these cars are widely available, there will still be situations where the driver will need to manually take over, or where the car's systems will fail. In these scenarios, accidents could occur. And in another caveat: even if self-driving cars don't malfunction, there will still be accidents.

We bring up this topic again because self-driving cars and the modern definition of distracted driving (cellphone use while driving) are tied at the hip. Self-driving cars would more freely permit people to text or call someone while driving -- even though the idea is that someone in the driver's seat of a self-driving car still needs to pay attention in the off-chance that they need to take over in an emergency situation.

Motorcyclists need to consider legal options after a wreck

Winter is a conflicting time of year for motorcyclists in Michigan. On the one hand, there really isn't a realistic opportunity for them to take their motorcycle out on the road for many months. But on the other hand, it means that for all those months they aren't out on the road, they are safe from the potential of a disastrous motorcycle wreck.

Motorcycle accidents happen far too often in Michigan and, really, all across the country. May it be due to drivers of cars failing to keep a safe amount of space between them and a motorcycle, or because of sheer negligence by the driver of a car, motorcycle accidents can ruin the lives of the people riding their two-wheeled mode of transportation.

Medical malpractice protection for cruise ships takes hit

Did you know that, until recently, you were basically unable to sue a cruise liner if medical malpractice, medical negligence or poor medical care occurred on the ship? Yes, a legal protection practically insulated cruise liners from liability when the doctors, medical staff and medical facilities on their ships failed to meet an acceptable standard and passenger felt the negative affects as a result.

Thankfully, a recent case eliminated this protection, allowing people to seek the justice they deserve from the people and companies who drastically affected their life. Unfortunately, the case that triggered this major legal move resulted in a passenger dying. The man fell while on a docked ship and was treated by the ship's medical staff. But their care was so poor that he soon fell into a coma and died soon thereafter.

Tests for self-driving cars reveal interesting scenarios

It seems like every year we are promised that self-driving cars are "just around the corner." Every year brings the promise of "new technologies" and "exciting breakthroughs" that will finally allow this self-driving dream to become a reality. And every year, it feels like we never get any closer to seeing the self-driving vehicle takeover.

To be fair, the complicating factors and the extremely intricate elements involved to release self-driving cars on a massive scale are many. However, one of the biggest factors could be that self-driving cars simply can't compensate for human intellect in certain cases -- and even if self-driving cars were perfect, that doesn't mean their systems are. If those systems break down, a person would have to manually take over for the car. 

What are some crucial factors in a dog bite case?

You're walking down the street near your home, like you have a thousand times before, when all of a sudden a large dog comes out of seemingly nowhere and stops. The dog looks at you and you look at it. Before you can blink, the dog lurches forward and lunges at you. It bites you hard, and doesn't let go. You wrestle with it for what feels like hours, but it's merely minutes.

At the end of it all, the dog's owner finally comes out and gets the dog off you. You're hurt, and in the coming days you may not know what you're supposed to do. So what can you do in the wake of a dog bite incident?

Falls cause most head injuries for young children, says study

Brain injuries are obviously very severe injuries that can leave an individual with life-long problems. In the short term, a person can struggle with memory, recognition, concentration and a host of other potential symptoms. In the long term, their physical and mental capacity can be affected. It's impossible to talk about the symptoms of a brain injury without being vague because the variety and severity of the effects of a brain injury are myriad.

However, imagine a young child getting a brain injury. Imagine that injury permanently affecting their life, or at least interrupting their development for a few months. This would be a devastating moment for any family, and even more so if the brain injury was suffered due to another person's negligent or irresponsible act.

Survey shows certain cellphone habits while driving are worsening

If we were to tell you that the number of people talking on their cellphone while driving is decreasing, that would seem like a positive step, right? But what if we told you that at the same time cellphone use while driving to make a phone call was decreasing, cellphone use while driving to read an email, browsing the Internet or to peruse social media was dramatically increasing?

That would seem more like "one step forward, two (or three) steps back," now wouldn't it? Unfortunately, that appears to be our reality. According to a new study by State Farm insurance -- which has been performing the same study since 2009 -- cellphone use behind the wheel has evolved over the last five years, much of it for the worse.

Fatal chemical leak claims the lives of 4 workers

A tragic workplace accident claimed the lives of four people and left another person with adverse medical symptoms after they were all exposed to a chemical for roughly two hours. The chemical, methyl mercaptan, is used to give natural gas the "rotten egg" smell that many know it by. The chemical dissipates quickly once it is in the open -- but in small, confined or poorly-ventilated areas, methyl mercaptan can be lethal.

It is unknown exactly how the leak occurred or why, but there is an investigative team looking into it. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration will also get involved at some point. In the meantime, four people have lost their lives -- including two brothers, meaning one family has been absolutely devastated by this accident -- and their families will certainly be looking for justice.

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