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Lump sum workers' comp settlement study yields surprising results

Imagine that you are involved in a serious workplace accident, and as a result, you have to miss work for some time. maybe the injuries were bad enough that you are out of commission for a very long time. Here is the question: once you are well enough again, would you seek employment again? And here's an added factor: if you are awarded a lump sum award for your workers' comp claim, would you still try to work after the incident?

Many people may think that the injured party would sit back and live off of the lump sum payment, but an older study proved that this actually isn't the case, debunking a common line of thinking when it comes to lump sum awards and workers' compensation.

Car crash claims lives of 2 Eastern Michigan students

A tragic car accident recently claimed the lives of two Eastern Michigan University students -- one of which was on the Eastern Michigan women's basketball team. The 21-year-old basketball player was driving and a 23-year-old man was her passenger in the vehicle. At some point during their drive, the vehicle crossed the center line and entered oncoming traffic. It struck a vehicle being driven by a 22-year-old.

The 21-year-old and the 23-year-old were killed in the wreck. The 22-year-old suffered injuries that were described as not life threatening, but he did need to go to the hospital due to the wreck.

The chaos after a dog bite necessitates legal representation

In our last post, we talked about dog bites -- and today we're going to keep that theme going. Imagine that you are in your neighborhood enjoying the day when, all of a sudden, a dog comes wandering up to your yard. You think nothing of it, but the dog quickly growls and the hair on its neck raises up. You become a little worried. Then the dog suddenly lurches forward and it attacks you.

The resulting bites and injuries sustained in the attack can be life-changing. At the very least, you will probably come away from the attack with some cuts, bruises and other minor injuries. But in many cases, the victim of a dog attack suffers gruesome or catastrophic harm that requires extensive medical care.

Dog bite case yields $36 million for affected family

Dog bite stories rarely have happy endings, and while you may read about the settlement in the dog bite lawsuit we're about to tell you and think "well that's a happy ending," it's important to remember that the money isn't what it's all about. The story we bring you today isn't from Michigan, but it still highlights a common theme in many dog bite stories.

An 8-year-old girl was bitten by a dog back in 2012, and the serious injuries that she suffered as a result led to the tough medical decision that the girl needed to have part of her arm amputated. She will live with this for the rest of her life, and it wasn't even the only injury she suffered that day. Thankfully, the owner of the dog that attacked was held responsible for what her dog did to this girl.

On cellphones, and their effect on medical professionals

Does the image of your doctor typing away on a cellphone as he is diagnosing you with a medical condition terrify you? What about being on the table in an operating room, and watching your surgeon come in lamenting the fact that he just lost on a level of "Candy Crush"? Or how about a nurse that isn't really paying attention to your questions because he or she is texting away with his or her significant other?

These hypothetical situations aren't as exaggerated as you may think. There are plenty of medical professionals who succumb to the allure of a cellphone screen at the most inappropriate times. medical professionals are only human, after all. They make mistakes and have weaknesses just like everyone else.

Slippery roads lead to fatal crash in Lyon Township

It was a sad scene recently when a vehicle that was being driven by a man who had his three children in the backseat went out of control on a slippery road and passed into oncoming traffic, triggering a crash that killed the man and one of the children in the vehicle. The wreck is being investigated by the police, though it appears that this is just one of those unfortunate things that happens way too often. It appears to truly be "an accident."

That doesn't make it any less tragic though. Wrecks like this are unlikely to have any civil action or wrongful death lawsuits attached to it, mainly because there is no evidence to support such a case. However, in many other accidents, these factors are apparent, and then the victims of the accidents or the victims' loved ones need to make a choice about the legal action they do take.

New report shows top reasons (and their costs) for workers' comp

If you had to guess what some of the most common causes of workplace accidents and workers' comp payouts are, what would you say? Falls? Inadvertent injuries? Misuse of equipment? Poor operation of vehicles?

Well if you answered "overexertion" and "falls on the same level," then you win! According to a study by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, these are the top two factors in workers compensation payouts for 2012. They caused $15.1 billion and $9.19 billion, respectively, and they represent two very prominent reasons that many workers suffer unfortunate injuries that may or may not completely change their life.

Study points to car safety in drop of driver deaths

Usually when you bring up the topic of car accidents, the resulting conversation isn't a pretty one. Car accidents inherently involve unfortunate circumstances, and, in the worst cases, serious injuries and death. However, a new study has been released that gives a positive outlook on the world of car accidents.

According to the study, modern vehicles are becoming very safe -- so safe that the death rate of the driver involved in a car accident has dropped significantly in the past three years. The study was done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and it found that over the last three years, the chance of a driver death in a late-model car or light truck has dropped by one-third.

Study reveals high rate of medication errors, especially for kids

When many people hear the phrase "medical malpractice" they think about surgical errors or botched medical procedures or general negligence by a doctor or medical facility that is supposed to have the patient's best interests at heart, but instead takes a decidedly dangerous and unflattering route that compromises the health of the patient. These are all, indeed, examples of medical malpractice, but medication errors isn't on this list.

Medications errors are serious threats to the health of patients who trust their doctors -- and their pharmacists -- to handle medicines appropriately and correctly. Few patients are going to do the digging necessary to ensure the pills in their bottle match the name of the medicine they are supposed to have. This is why it is so critical for medications to be properly filled.

Dog attacks child, injures 8-year-old's face

An 8-year-old boy was hospitalized recently after a dog bit him on his face. The 8-year-old was at a friend's house, and eh accidentally hit his friend's dog on the nose. This triggered the dog to become aggressive and the animal bit the boy. The extent of his injuries are unknown and it is unclear what will happen to the dog. The animal is older (15 years old) and the police haven't even seen the dog yet.

Even though this isn't happening here in Michigan, the story still serves an important purpose. Children are especially vulnerable to dog attacks. They are smaller and they are right at eye level with many dogs. If a dog becomes aggressive and attacks, it is very likely that the child will be bit in the face.

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