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5 things you should know about Michigan workers’ compensation

Employers in Michigan are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. It is important to note that most employers purchase insurance plans from a private insurance company. This private company is in the business of making money, which means that they underpay or deny some valid claims.

“Hire an attorney” is not just a marketing claim; it is a real warning. Injured employees should have a professional who knows the law and the process to help ensure their rights are protected. What are some other important things to note about workers’ compensation?

Is label design to blame for incorrect identification of IV bags?

One common form of medical malpractice is medication errors. A doctor, nurse or medical professional simply misreads an IV bag or incorrectly identifies a medicine, and as a result, you are given the wrong medication. You would have no way of knowing you were given the wrong medicine. And this incorrect medication can wreak havoc on your medical condition, potentially even causing new medical problems that need to be dealt with.

But what if at least a portion of these medication errors were due to -- and could be fixed by changing -- poorly designed medication labels? It appears that a new study has found just that, at least when it comes to IV bags.

New OSHA report sheds light on flailing workers' comp system

A damning report from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says that many injured workers don't even file for workers' compensation when they are able to -- and even worse, that many state-run programs are complicating matters to the point that injured workers simply don't receive the full benefits that they are entitled to.

According to the report, only 21 percent of an injured worker's costs (i.e. lost wages and medical bills as a result of the accident and injury) are covered by workers' comp. A further 63 percent of the costs are paid by the injured worker or by an insurance company. The remaining 16 percent comes from taxpayers and systems such as Medicaid and Social Security.

Dairy farm settles with families of asphyxiation victims

Back in 2010, tragedy struck at a dairy farm in Michigan when two young people, aged 17 and 18, were killed at the farm when they apparently passed out in a tank that was lacking in oxygen.

The specifics are a bit unclear -- based on the source article, it seems as though the two victims worked at the dairy farm, considering they "complained to their supervisor" at one point about the dangers presented by the tank. And it is also unclear how the two people passed out or fell in to the tank. But what is for certain is that the tank lacked oxygen and was filled with the fumes of decaying molasses.

4 spared serious injury in rollover crash

An accident in Michigan led to the vehicle rolling over, causing numerous people in the lone vehicle involved in the wreck to suffer injuries. Thankfully, the injuries were only minor, which is somewhat miraculous when you consider the circumstances of the crash.

A woman was driving her vehicle with her three children inside. Suddenly, they hit a patch of ice and the woman lost control of the car. The vehicle ultimately rolled over, which led to one of the children being tossed from the car and being pinned underneath it. Incredibly, the child was saved and only suffered minor injuries.

Statistics show why pit bulls are a targeted, and feared, breed

When it comes to dog bites and dog attacks, it would be easy to think that the media and the dog safety community are unfairly picking on pit bulls. These dogs are often at the center of dog bite stories in the news, and they have been painted as dangerous dogs that require specific legal attention and new laws to rein them in and get them, and their owners, under control.

So the question becomes, is this a deserved portrayal of pit bulls? Is there a reason that pit bulls are targeted in this way? When you look at some of the numbers, the answer to both of these questions is "yes."

Traffic crash data shows remarkable improvement in last decade

What a difference a decade makes. Did you know that back in 2003, there were 391,486 traffic crashes in the state of Michigan? In those accidents, 1,283 people died. Now fast forward to the year 2013, when there were 289,061 traffic crashes and just 951 fatalities in the state of Michigan. That's a staggering decline in traffic crashes in just 10 years, and as we continue to improve our road laws and our cars become safer and more technologically improved, the numbers are likely to continue their trend down.

However, these figures aren't all rosy. For example, in 2012 there were about 15,000 fewer traffic crashes in the state of Michigan than in 2013 (273,891 vs. 289,061). In other words, traffic accident rates fluctuate and, over time, we may see a downward trend -- but that doesn't mean every year will see fewer accidents than the year before it.

Nurse who contracted Ebola sues hospital she works for

As most people are aware, the Ebola outbreak of last year made it to American soil and started a worldwide panic. Thankfully, nurses and medical professionals were able to contain the outbreak, but it still rages on in Africa and the disease is still very much a global threat. That Ebola outbreak is still making headlines here in the U.S. but not because of the disease itself anymore.

The new story relating to that outbreak is that the first person to contract Ebola while in the United States -- a nurse working at a Texas hospital -- is suing the hospital for a number of reasons relating to her contracting the potentially fatal disease.

Lump sum workers' comp settlement study yields surprising results

Imagine that you are involved in a serious workplace accident, and as a result, you have to miss work for some time. maybe the injuries were bad enough that you are out of commission for a very long time. Here is the question: once you are well enough again, would you seek employment again? And here's an added factor: if you are awarded a lump sum award for your workers' comp claim, would you still try to work after the incident?

Many people may think that the injured party would sit back and live off of the lump sum payment, but an older study proved that this actually isn't the case, debunking a common line of thinking when it comes to lump sum awards and workers' compensation.

Car crash claims lives of 2 Eastern Michigan students

A tragic car accident recently claimed the lives of two Eastern Michigan University students -- one of which was on the Eastern Michigan women's basketball team. The 21-year-old basketball player was driving and a 23-year-old man was her passenger in the vehicle. At some point during their drive, the vehicle crossed the center line and entered oncoming traffic. It struck a vehicle being driven by a 22-year-old.

The 21-year-old and the 23-year-old were killed in the wreck. The 22-year-old suffered injuries that were described as not life threatening, but he did need to go to the hospital due to the wreck.

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