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Survey shows certain cellphone habits while driving are worsening

If we were to tell you that the number of people talking on their cellphone while driving is decreasing, that would seem like a positive step, right? But what if we told you that at the same time cellphone use while driving to make a phone call was decreasing, cellphone use while driving to read an email, browsing the Internet or to peruse social media was dramatically increasing?

That would seem more like "one step forward, two (or three) steps back," now wouldn't it? Unfortunately, that appears to be our reality. According to a new study by State Farm insurance -- which has been performing the same study since 2009 -- cellphone use behind the wheel has evolved over the last five years, much of it for the worse.

Fatal chemical leak claims the lives of 4 workers

A tragic workplace accident claimed the lives of four people and left another person with adverse medical symptoms after they were all exposed to a chemical for roughly two hours. The chemical, methyl mercaptan, is used to give natural gas the "rotten egg" smell that many know it by. The chemical dissipates quickly once it is in the open -- but in small, confined or poorly-ventilated areas, methyl mercaptan can be lethal.

It is unknown exactly how the leak occurred or why, but there is an investigative team looking into it. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration will also get involved at some point. In the meantime, four people have lost their lives -- including two brothers, meaning one family has been absolutely devastated by this accident -- and their families will certainly be looking for justice.

New report adds details to misconduct during Rivers' surgery

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post about how Melissa Rivers, the daughter of Joan Rivers, retained an attorney with the likely intent of suing the clinic and doctors responsible for her mother when she died due to complications relating to her seemingly routine endoscopy surgery.

Now, we have some follow-up news. A federal report into the details of Joan Rivers' botched endoscopy -- which resulted in her death from cardiac arrest -- found that there were numerous procedural mistakes and errors that certainly don't paint a pretty picture for the clinic and the doctors who were supposedly "taking care" of Rivers.

Man barely survives pack of pit bulls, sues owner

In a truly tragic dog mauling case, a man lost three of his limbs but somehow survived after he was attacked by a pack of pit bulls in Detroit, Michigan. Apparently a mother and her son own a house where 12 pit bulls live, and these dogs attacked the man and injured him so severely he nearly didn't survive. Doctors believe the man will have to go through "dozens of operations" to repair the damage done to his body by the pit bulls.

Now the man and his family have filed a lawsuit against the mother and son who own the pit bulls and live in and own the property where the attack took place.

From 2010 to 2012, bicycling deaths increased 16 percent

It would be safe to say that bikers and drivers have an inherently combative relationship with each other, somewhat akin to the way we perceive cats and dogs. Each side thinks the other hogs the road and doesn't respect them or their presence on the road. No matter how combative this relationship may be -- or how subjective the severity of this relationship is -- bikers and drivers still need to operate their vehicles safely, whether they are in the presence of the other, or not.

If there is one thing that these sides can agree on, though, it is that bicyclists are inherently at a greater risk for injury on their vehicles. When they are struck by other vehicles, or when they fall off their bikes, bicyclists are likely to suffer injuries -- and they will probably be serious in nature.

Numerous cars and injuries involved in fatal wreck

A somewhat confusing and mysterious car accident occurred on Interstate 75 recently. The wreck was fatal, killing at least two people and leaving numerous others injured. The wreck occurred last Friday night and even the following day investigators still didn't have exact answers for the media. One official noted that "five to 10" vehicles were involved in the massive crash, and it appears that the multi-vehicle wreck actually involves two distinct and separate crashes.

It appears that an initial crash led to one vehicle being stopped along the side of I-75. Other vehicles that were passing this crash scene couldn't avoid the disabled vehicle, which led to the second crash. Few other details were provided about the crash.

Melissa Rivers likely to sue clinic for botched care of Joan Rivers

As many Michigan residents are aware, comedy legend Joan Rivers passed away almost two months ago. She went in for what was described as a routine throat procedure -- called an endoscopy -- before falling into a coma and ultimately succumbing to cardiac arrest on Sept. 4.

Ever since that unfortunate day, questions have been swirling about the way Joan Rivers was cared for during the procedure and in the procedure's wake. Apparently one of the doctors involved in Joan Rivers' care performed an "unauthorized procedure" and another doctor involved with her care was not supposed to be there. There are also other alleged procedural missteps by the endoscopy clinic.

Some safety tips for drivers and trick-or-treaters this Halloween

Halloween is just days away, and there are many families out there that are gearing up for the big day. Parents have stocked up on candy; the kids have their costumes picked out; and neighborhoods all across the country are preparing for a fun night of trick-or-treating and plenty of well-meaning scares.

However, there is another side to Halloween night that truly is scary -- and not in the "boo!" kind of way. With increased foot traffic near roads and many people dressed in darker clothes, Halloween night is notorious for having some truly tragic motor vehicle accidents.

Dollar Tree fined many times by OSHA over last 12 months

Imagine if you worked at a company where the business model intends for you to work with only one or two other employees. This small group of employees is required to take care of everything for a relatively large store that approaches 10,000 square feet in size. As a result, the employees end up frantically running around to cover all of their bases -- making it more likely that they will make mistakes. These mistakes can lead to dangerous situations that put these employees at risk of injury or worse.

This is essentially what is going on at Dollar Tree, if recent fines by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are any indication. OSHA fined Dollar Tree nearly a million dollars ($866,000 to be exact) over the course of the past 12 months due to 48 violations of workplace safety.

National uptick in dog bite cases raises concern

There are a few ugly trends of dog bites, and one of them may surprise you. The first couple of notes may not exactly be news to most people, but they are still important. Many dog bite cases usually involve a dog biting a friends or relative of the dog's owner. In addition, a vast number of dog bite cases involve children under the age of 10.

But here is the figure that may leave you surprised: dog bite cases are on the rise across the country, as insurance companies believe a five percent uptick in the cases have occurred in the past year. What's the reason for this trend? No one is exactly sure.

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