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Study reveals high rate of medication errors, especially for kids

When many people hear the phrase "medical malpractice" they think about surgical errors or botched medical procedures or general negligence by a doctor or medical facility that is supposed to have the patient's best interests at heart, but instead takes a decidedly dangerous and unflattering route that compromises the health of the patient. These are all, indeed, examples of medical malpractice, but medication errors isn't on this list.

Medications errors are serious threats to the health of patients who trust their doctors -- and their pharmacists -- to handle medicines appropriately and correctly. Few patients are going to do the digging necessary to ensure the pills in their bottle match the name of the medicine they are supposed to have. This is why it is so critical for medications to be properly filled.

Dog attacks child, injures 8-year-old's face

An 8-year-old boy was hospitalized recently after a dog bit him on his face. The 8-year-old was at a friend's house, and eh accidentally hit his friend's dog on the nose. This triggered the dog to become aggressive and the animal bit the boy. The extent of his injuries are unknown and it is unclear what will happen to the dog. The animal is older (15 years old) and the police haven't even seen the dog yet.

Even though this isn't happening here in Michigan, the story still serves an important purpose. Children are especially vulnerable to dog attacks. They are smaller and they are right at eye level with many dogs. If a dog becomes aggressive and attacks, it is very likely that the child will be bit in the face.

Massive pile-up involved at least 150 vehicles on I-94

As many Michigan residents are well aware, a massive pileup accident occurred on Interstate 94 recently, leading to 150 vehicles being involved in the wreck and at least one person dying as a result. An unknown number of people were injured in the horrifying, and admittedly amazing, crash.

Snowy, slick conditions contributed to the terrible pile-up accident, and the police took a long time to investigate and clear the area -- which is not unexpected given the incredible breadth and depth of the accident. After the wreck, at least 16 people were transported to the hospital and one of them was listed in serious condition. The wreck also caused at least one fire, and the fireworks in a truck's cargo eventually exploded due to the inherently volatile nature of the cargo.

Are you allowed to sue your employer for a workplace accident?

Let's say a workplace accident occurs and you are injured as a result. You are in line to get workers' compensation benefits, but you believe that the incident warrants more compensation than that. So you file a lawsuit against your employer for what you perceive as their negligence in the situation.

Can you do this? Are you allowed to sue your employer after a workplace accident? While you are allowed to sue your employer in the wake of a workplace accident, there are only certain circumstances where that is allowed. The workers' compensation is a no-fault system, in which the affected person is granted the benefits designated by the system, and the employer is absolved of fault. In other words, you can't sue your employer for a workplace incident if you want to reap workers' compensation benefits.

Four hour wait leads to man with brain bleeding being paralyzed

The waiting room for a hospital or the ER is just a miserable place, isn't it? If you are awaiting treatment, then the wait just feels like torture. You want to know what's wrong with you and you want to be treated immediately -- but the wait is just brutal. And if you're just there helping someone awaiting treatment, then you are likely anxious and uncomfortable having to wait for some potentially bad news.

As bad as these situations are, can you imagine having a stay in the waiting room cost you the ability to use your limbs? Unfortunately for one, he doesn't have to imagine this scenario. He lived it, and now he is suing Kaiser Permanente for the waiting room visit that cost him part of his physical abilities.

If a dog attack affects you or a loved one, consider us

When you hear the phrase "dog bite," it's quite possible that you imagine a smaller dog giving someone a little nip on the finger, hand or wrist. This can be painful and you may even sustain a small injury because of it. As minor as this is, it's something that shouldn't be taken lightly. If the skin is broken, the bitten individual needs to clean the affected area and make sure the wound is treated.

But the reason we bring this up is because the phrase "dog bite" means far more than that when you are talking about lawsuits or civil action. Usually a dog bite cases involves a truly horrific mauling, in which a dog has attacked an individual and caused massive injuries. This person could be an adult or a child -- the latter of which is far too often the victim of dog bites.

Serious injuries, airlift needed after 2-car crash in Michigan

Two vehicles were involved in a car accident recently which resulted in three people being injured -- one of which needed a helicopter airlift in order to get to the hospital. At this time, few details are available about the wreck. It occurred on the highway M-83 and the police are looking into the potential cause (or causes) of the crash.

For the time being, the injured parties will work towards getting well as the police work on completing the investigation and figuring out exactly what happened. Was either driver distracted or inebriated at the time of the crash? Did either driver fail to observe the rules of the road? Was speeding or an illegal lane change responsible for the wreck?

Transferring a patient isn't as simple as it sounds

Imagine that you live in a more remote area. The closest hospital is at least 30 minutes away from your home, and it's not exactly "state of the art." So one night you're enjoying dinner with your family when you suddenly feel some pain in your chest. You think nothing of it, but as the minutes pass and the pain gets worse, you start to get really worried. Your family calls 911.

An ambulance finally arrives, but it's not exactly a speedy arrival. Once they get you into the ambulance and off to the hospital, an hour has passed since you started feeling the pain. Then, when you get to the hospital, it is revealed that the facility simply doesn't have the tools or the capability to treat you. You have to be transferred to another hospital.

Study adds to the link between football and head injuries

While our following source article may be a bit older, the topic of brain injuries and football is an ongoing and constantly evolving issue. The source talks about a newer study that found that high school football players would suffer brain abnormalities after a full season of "heavy hits" -- even if none of those heavy hits resulted in the player suffering a concussion.

In addition to this new study, an analysis of 80 college football and ice hockey athletes from 2013 found that as the brain changed over the course of a season, the worse the players did in memory and learning tests.

Complications can cause stress during workers' comp application

Let's say that you're working your usual shift at your job, and you're reaching for a box high up on a shelf. As you move towards the box, you feel a little pinch in your back. You grimace when it happens, but eventually you think nothing of it. It just seemed like a little shooting pain, and you don't think a serious injury occurred.

But by the end of your shift, you can barely move without searing pain radiating throughout your back and, indeed, your entire body. "This isn't good," you think to yourself. When your shift comes to a close, you immediately head for the doctor's office. Over the coming days, it is discovered that you actually suffered a serious back injury that will require surgery and leave you out of work for a long time.

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