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Hospitals taking measures to reduce medical errors

In response to a medical error report published earlier this year that painted a bleak picture, a new report indicates that hospitals and medical staff members have taken the threat of medical errors to heart and are trying their best to prevent these critical mistakes. The original report found that roughly 325,000 people die every year in the U.S. as a result of medical errors, which makes medical errors one of the leading causes of death.

The new report found that many medical institutions are implementing new strategies to try to reduce these mistakes and improve patient health. For example, a pilot program at Kaiser is experimenting with different colored scrubs that identify staff members who are working on dispensing medication. This will alert other workers not to bother these staffers.

Rollover accident injures 5 people in Michigan

A rollover accident involving two cars in Michigan has left at least five people with injuries, two of which are young children. One of the children is a 3-year-old, while details on the other injured people were not readily available. There was an initial fear that one of the cars might explode, as leaking gas and a fire was spotted. But the fire went out and bystanders were able to help some of the injured people.

It is unclear what condition the injured people are in, but with rollover accidents it is common for people to suffer injuries to their upper body, neck and head. We're not just talking about severe whiplash, though that can certainly occur in a rollover accident. We're talking about traumatic brain injuries, broken vertebrae and severe cuts or bruises to critical areas of the body.

Dog bite case could set precedent soon

While the following story didn't occur here in Michigan, it highlights some very crucial points about dog bites and animal attacks that people from any state should know.

In 2012, a Federal Express delivery woman was approaching a house to drop off a package that a man had ordered. As she walked on the man's driveway, three dogs that he owned began acting aggressively. The FedEx delivery woman purposefully dropped the package on the ground to try to distract the dogs, which could give her the chance to escape. But the ploy didn't work, and the dogs continued to attack her until the owner came outside and took control of his dogs.

Headbanger's brain injury rare, medical report says

The world can be a dangerous place for our brains. Despite our hard skulls and safety equipment like helmets, people routinely suffer brain trauma in auto accidents, incidents at work, sports and many other ways.

Much of the time, traumatic brain injury happens because someone else, such as a driver or employer, acted negligently. But some brain injuries are accidently self-inflicted, as was the case of one man who doctors say hurt himself while headbanging at a heavy metal concert.

Intubation errors blamed for Michigan boy's death

Emergency medicine can be very difficult, and often requires quick decision-making and actions by the doctors and nurses. Hopefully, their actions save the life of the person suffering the medical emergency.

But the patient does not always survive. This is often because his or her condition was too severe for them to be saved. In other cases, the medical team acted negligently, failing to provide the level of care they owe the patient, and allowing him or her to die as a result.

Paraplegic Michigan man's house renovated after work accident

The story of a Michigan man who was paralyzed in a workplace accident shows how expensive and difficult it can be for victims to adjust to being permanently disabled. Much of the man’s home had to be renovated to accommodate the fact that he now uses a wheelchair.

His work accident took place in August 2013, leaving him quadriplegic, with limited use of his right arm and leg. As with most people in that situation, he wanted to return home as soon as possible, instead of continuing to live in an assisted living residence outside of Michigan. Independence was important to him, he said, and he wanted to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against day care after child dies

Terrible accidents happen all the time. Sometimes, the worst occurs and someone is killed as a result. Some fatal accidents happen because people or businesses, without intending to, allowed them to happen. This is what we mean when we talk about negligence: conduct that causes harm to others, whether it was on purpose or not.

The parents of the victim of a horrible incident at a day care not far from Michigan have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the facility. Earlier in June, their child was playing with a jump rope that was hanging from a playset in the day care’s playground.

After animal bite attack on child, dog becomes Internet celebrity

There is a dilemma that can come up for animal lovers in Michigan every time they hear about a dog bite attack. On the one hand, the victim could have suffered serious, possibly injury and scarring. On the other hand, the fault for the incident may have laid less in the dog, who may have been frightened or acting on instinct, than its owner.

In many dog bite incidents, the animal’s owner allowed the attack to occur. Perhaps the owner let the dog roam free without a leash or fence. A negligent dog owner can be held liable for any injuries his pet causes to other people.

Michigan med mal jury awards family $7.9M after botched surgery

The anesthesiologist in a surgical procedure must carefully monitor the patient. Anesthesia drugs are generally very powerful. An overdose can cause permanent harm. On the other hand, too little sedation may lead to the patient waking up during the operation, which could also lead to serious problems.

The family of a deceased Michigan woman believes that the latter scenario happened to her, contributing to her death following a gall bladder procedure in 2009. The jury in their medical malpractice lawsuit against William Beaumont Hospital and an anesthesiologist practice.

Study: for teens, brain injury recover could continue past 1 year

Conventional medical wisdom has held a long time that teens and children have about a year to regain cognitive abilities after a traumatic brain injury. The belief was that, 12 months out from a TBI, a young person has recovered as much as he or she ever will.

But the results of a recent experiment may contradict that thinking. It could also provide good news for minors in Michigan who are dealing with a TBI.

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