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More details emerging about owners in fatal Michigan dog attack

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post about the headline-grabbing fatal dog attack that occurred in late July here in Michigan. A jogger was killed when multiple dogs mauled him, and the owners were swiftly charged with murder. The owners had a reputation, as did their dogs, and now the case is currently at trial.

One of the stories that has emerged from the trial is a prior dog bite case involving the family in question and their dogs. A 73-year-old man was out walking when the dogs came charging down a hill and attacked the older man. He was bleeding and he immediately called the police -- but one of the dogs' owners came out and pleaded with the man not to call the police. In fact, the owner took it a step further. He tried to bribe the dog bite victim, offering the 73-year-old money to not call the police.

Family files medical malpractice suit after botched care

Of major concern in the medical field is the sudden rise of attention deficit disorder diagnoses and the prescriptions of the drugs Ritalin and Adderall. According to a survey, the number of people who are taking attention deficit disorder drugs increased by 36 percent from 2008 to 2012. It's a major problem because these drugs have very potent and potentially dangerous side effects.

Consider a case that has received national attention, where a young man was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. Two psychiatrists prescribed "escalating doses" of Adderall to the young man, who later killed himself at the age of 24. The psychiatrists are accused of failing to properly diagnose attention deficit disorder and failing to monitor the drugs they prescribed to treat the condition.

When a wrongful death occurs, how does the legal side work?

A wrongful death lawsuit is a very important piece of civil legal action -- albeit under sad circumstances -- that allows the family and loved ones of a deceased accident victim to seek justice from another person. Although that may sound straightforward, wrongful death lawsuits have numerous elements to them and the laws are different from state to state. So what can you expect when you are considering a wrongful death lawsuit?

First, negligence or misconduct must play a role. If another person was legally at fault for the death of your loved one, then that person can be sued for wrongful death. Usually such a lawsuit follows the criminal side of the case, as there will be more evidence (and potentially a guilty verdict) to use, let alone the fact that the burden of proof is lower in civil court.

Many injured after double-decker buses collide

While the following motor vehicle accident story didn't occur here in Michigan, the circumstances of the wreck certainly raise some eyebrows about the safety of double-decker buses.

Two double-decker buses were traveling in Times Square, presumably with many people on board. Somehow, one of the buses lost control and the buses collided. As a result, at least 11 people were injured, and it appears that some people were thrown from the top of the buses down on to the pavement below. 

Worker quits then gets injured, still earns workers comp

A very interesting workers' compensation case was recently resolved after a court ruled in favor of an injured former employee. However, the circumstances of the individual's injury and the decision made by the court provide for some important discussion regarding workers' comp and workplace accidents.

A disgruntled employee came in to work one day and learned that after working a long shift the night before, he would have another long shift today. The employee discussed the matter with his boss and tried to get some of his work delegated to other employees, given the tremendous workload he had already dealt with. The boss declined this request, and the employee decided it was time to quit right then and there.

Fatal dog attack in Michigan leads to murder charges for owners

A 46-year-old man who was out for a jog recently was killed by two dogs that attacked and mauled him. The jogger was running down the street when the attack happened, which was witnessed by a person who was mowing his lawn. This witness began approaching the man and the dogs when he saw the 46-year-old was in trouble, but the witness soon realized that he would need something else to affect the situation. He ran back inside and grabbed a gun, eventually making it back to the dog attack where he shot one of the dogs.

Both dogs then ran off. The 46-year-old died from the injuries he sustained in the mauling. The two dogs were captured and have since been euthanized.

Do texting bans work? And what impact do they have on teens?

Many people all across the country may question the effectiveness of texting bans -- and really, it's a fair critique on the surface. You can't drive down the highway for more than ten minutes anymore without seeing a car swerving a bit in their lane. As you pass that car, it's likely you'll see a driver with his or her head down, and his or her face lit up by the light blue glow of a cellphone screen.

However, the data paints a very different picture about texting bans. So how effective are these bans at preventing car accidents? And do they affect any demographics in particular, such as teenagers?

When considering a change in doctors, look at these factors

The care you receive from your doctor obviously depends quite a bit on your doctor's knowledge of the medical field as well as this inherent and learned skills he brings to the table. But there are some other factors that contribute to a doctor's abaility to adequately and efficiently treat his or her patients -- and in some cases, these factors have little to do with medical knowledge.

For example, a disorganized office is a telltale sign that it may be time to change your doctor -- or to continue your search for a new doctor, because this one probably won't help you. A disorganized office may mean that it takes an inordinate amount of time to get a phone call back; that appointments are difficult to sort out or obtain; and that critical information gets lost in the maze of disorganization.

Work accidents are a major cause of brain injuries

It's early in the day and you're just getting into a groove for your work shift. You're walking around the work facility when you see one of your co-workers and you strike up a conversation. While the two of you are talking, another coworker spills some water on the ground a few yards down the hallway. Thinking nothing of it, that coworker moves along.

You finish your conversation and continue walking down the hallway when you come across the spill. You step right in it, fall, and strike your head on the ground. You suffer a brain injury as a result, and as it turns out, you won't be able to work for weeks because of the traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Repeatedly dangerous driver fatally strikes pedestrian

A 26-year-old man struck and killed a pedestrian from Ypsilanti last month, and now the young man faces very serious criminal charges. The 26-year-old has received numerous driving infractions before, including four speeding violations, a DUI and one instance where he failed to stop at a stop sign.

Compounding his mistake, the 26-year-old fled the scene of the accident after he struck the pedestrian in a wheelchair. There is also the possibility that the young man was intoxicated at the time of the crash. If so, he would face much more serious criminal charges. The police drew his blood and are in the process of testing it. However, this can take a long time to complete.

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