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2nd worker killed in accident at Michigan U.S. Steel plant

A second deadly work accident at a U.S. Steel plant in Michigan within four months cost the life of a contract worker on April 4, according to the Detroit Free Press. The man was the victim of collapsing crane at the company’s Ecrose plant.

Accidents can happen at any workplace, especially facilities where workers routinely use heavy equipment. But when there are two serious incidents within a few months, it could be cause to question management’s commitment to reasonably protecting the safety of its workers.

GM suspends engineers accused of designing, covering up bad part

In what could be an attempt to begin regaining the public’s trust, General Motors says that two engineers who were involved in allowing a deadly defective part to remain in Chevrolet cars for years have been suspended from their jobs. For now, however, neither has been fired, even though at least 13 people have been killed by this product defect.

As readers probably know from news reports, 2.59 million GM vehicles, including many Chevy Cobalts, have been recalled due to a defect in the ignition switch. Because of a faulty spring, the switches can become dislodged while the vehicle is in motion. In some cases, a driver brushing his or her keychain with his or knee was enough to cause the dislodging.

9-year-old bitten by dog will need facial surgery

Children are often attracted to strange dogs. But as readers in Michigan know, seemingly friendly dogs backyard have the potential to bite. This is true even when the dog belongs to a trusted adult.

For example, a 9-year-old girl was bitten in the face recently by a dog that belonged to a family friend. The friend had brought over his Old English Bulldog for a visit. The dog attacked the girl, injuring her face. She will need reconstructive surgery to repair the facial damage.

Report looks at state medical malpractice payouts

When a patient is injured by a negligent physician, they may have questions about medical malpractice liability. Most likely, these questions will initially center on whether they have a strong case and what kind of compensation may be available to them. While the particulars of each case vary, there are some things that can be said in general about medical malpractice litigation and the possible payout they could win.

According to a recent compilation of data on medical malpractice payouts by state, total payouts in Michigan amounted to $7.45 per capita in 2013. That number does not include payouts that followed a written request, but it is still fairly accurate. Aside from that raw number, there are a couple things injured patients should keep in mind before considering medical malpractice litigation. 

Michigan couple awarded $1.25M in malpractice death of daughter

Perhaps medical malpractice is never more heartbreaking than when it causes the death of a child. For a Michigan couple, negligent care of their newborn daughter led to her death from catastrophic injury, just three days after she was born.

The girl was born prematurely in June 2009. She was put in intensive care, but was in good health, according to medical records.

Wife of man shot in mall garage sues for wrongful death

A man was shot and killed during a carjacking in the parking structure of a shopping mall during the holiday season. Four men have been arrested and charged in connection with the shooting. Meanwhile, the victim’s widow, who witnessed the incident, says that the mall and its security guards are also responsible for his death.

In civil law, a person or business does not have to directly cause someone’s death to be liable for wrongful death. If a dangerous condition exists on a piece of property, and the owner knows about it or should know about it, but does nothing to fix the hazard or warn the public, any resulting injuries could be the owner’s responsibility.

Traumatic brain injury can trigger chronic pain

There are several common long-term symptoms associated with suffering a head injury, whether in a car accident or other incident. Many of the well-known side effects include cognitive problems, chronic nausea, and mood swings.

Another problem endured by many victims of a traumatic brain injury is chronic pain. That is defined by pain that lasts longer than three to six months. Imagine months and months of migraine headaches, or pain to the musculoskeletal or nervous system.

Michigan surgeon ordered to pay $1.3M for not treating wound

A Michigan woman decided to undergo a cosmetic operation in 2009, trusting that her surgeon would provide her an acceptable level of care during and after the procedure. That did not happen. Today, the woman has a stomach wound that has sapped her of her health and independence. She wishes she had spent the money on a vacation instead.

Indeed, the malpractice committed by her surgeon was highly costly to her. The small business she owned went under because she was no longer able to run it after her botched abdominoplasty, commonly known as a “tummy tuck.” To help compensate for that financial disaster, as well as her pain and suffering and other losses, the jury in her medical malpractice suit against the doctor recently awarded her $1.3 million in damages.

Family: mall security guards responsible for man's wrongful death

The death of a Michigan man at an Oakland County mall in January is the subject of a lawsuit against the mall’s owners, as well as the security guards accused of causing the man’s death. His family filed the suit in late February. They accuse the security guards of using excessive force, and of failing to provide medical attention when the man stopped breathing as they leaned on his prone body.

The deadly incident took place at the Northland Center Mall in Southfield on Jan. 28. The deceased went into a jewelry store, and reportedly got into an argument with employees there for unknown reasons. There apparently had been a similar incident the day before.

Michigan worker killed in industrial accident

Some industrial workplace accidents are relatively minor, and the victim only misses a brief amount of time at work. Sometimes, they are back at work the next day. Other work accident victims, however, are seriously injured and put out of commission for weeks, months, or longer. Michigan workers in this position may need to turn to workers’ compensation while they cannot work. The program helps those who get injured or sickened on the job.

Then there are those for whom an industrial accident costs them their lives. Families of the decesased may be entitled to survivors' benefits. Sadly, another such incident happened in Michigan recently. A 23-year-old man was killed at Colonial Plastics in Shelby Township when he was crushed by a press machine on March 5.

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